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Learn about me, Mikayla Biggers! I'm an independent game designer, programmer, and student living in the Twin Cities.

I make games to make the world better

Hi, I'm Mikayla! I'm a game designer and programmer living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I’m also a Computer Science student at the University of Minnesota (Class of 2020), and when I'm not studying code, I'm making it into something fun and interesting through games.

I've always been passionate about video games, and to me, making them is an exercise in bringing others joy, empathy, and connections to others. Recently, I’m also very interested in the application of games in the pursuit of social change, especially change in the way we view and treat the natural environment.

Aside from games, I'm a teaching assistant for introductory Computer Science courses, and I’ve held multiple internships as a software engineer. If you're interested in my work experience, feel free to email me, and I’d be happy to send you my resume or talk about it personally.

When I'm not working or dreaming up games, I like to hike, go to concerts, take camping trips, and spend too much time reading hot takes on Twitter. I love taking in natural influences and perspectives from a variety of different people, and try to use what I know to make the best games, and the best world, I can.

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Awards and Stuff

  • College of Science and Engineering Dean's List (Spring 2017 - Fall 2019)

  • 2016 George W. Taylor Scholar

  • Harlem High School Class of 2016 Valedictorian


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Favorite Games

  • Undertale

  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

  • Super Mario Galaxy 2

  • Dark Souls

  • DOOM (2016)

  • Destiny

  • Chrono Trigger

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