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Age of Attrition

Age of Attrition is a video game about managing your city to survive a medieval siege.


  • Title: Age of Attrition
  • Project Timeline: Late January 2017 - Early May 2017
  • Made for: VGDC Semester Project
  • Tech: Unity Engine, JSON File Reader
  • Platform: PC, Linux
  • My role: Game Design Team Member
  • With: Video Game Development Club at UMN

In a bygone age of castles, courts, and commoners...

You are the lord of a city that has come under siege by an invading army! As the person in charge, you must deal with unpredictable problems as they arise, keep the diverse members of your court happy, feed the struggling peasants, and survive the thirty days it will take for the King's army to arrive and rescue you. Can you survive the siege?

For Age of Attrition, I worked on balancing resource allocation, creating gameplay mechanics, and personally designing over a dozen unique in-game events. Near the end of development, I also worked on importing assets from sound and art team into the game project, and debugging the various interaction mechanisms in the UI. Each event I created had a scenario, a multitude of responses that each of your Court's advisers might give, various effects on your in-game resources tied to each response, and different events that could be unlocked or caused by each response choice. That's what made this game so interesting to work on - I could come up with whatever weird scenarios my mind could dream up, and think about how each of the eccentric in-game advisers would react to it. It made for a tense, strategic, and oftentimes quite weird game. And well, I do love me some weird games...