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BAMboo is a video game about defending your ancient forest to the beat of the music.

Fast Facts

  • Title: BAMboo

  • Project Timeline: October 2016 - December 2016

  • Made for: VGDC Semester Project

  • Tech: Unity Engine

  • Platform: PC

  • My role: Game Design Team Member

  • With: Video Game Development Club at UMN

Rhythm-based forest defense

All is quiet in the bamboo forests of ancient China...until, one day, men come into the woods to cut down the bamboo trees! In BAMboo, play as a panda defending your forest from an army of soldiers marching to chop it down. Smack away marching men to the beat of the music, and don't let too many get past you, or your beautiful forest will fall!

As a designer on the project, I helped cement the mechanics and balance of the game, story-board the opening cinematic sequence, and design the enemy configurations for the game's song. This was the game I worked on for my first semester in VGDC, and my first semester at college! VGDC introduced me to much of what I now know about game development, including the design process, pitching ideas, and the logistics of working collaboratively on a team. I met all the folks who I worked on Bomb Jumper with in that first semester at VGDC, as well. Overall, it was a very enlightening semester for me, and it's been exciting to be a part of VGDC's growth since then!