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Bomb Jumper

Bomb Jumper is an independent video game about a skeleton blasting their way out of a perilous dungeon.


  • Title: Bomb Jumper

  • Project Timeline: Late September 2016 - 12/14/16

  • Made for: Fun and experience!

  • Tech: GameMaker Studio

  • Platform: PC

  • My role: Level Design, Programming, Art, and Marketing

  • With: Brenden Davidson and Sam Matenaer

Bomb your way out of the dungeon

In Bomb Jumper, play as a reanimated skeleton which finds itself awake at the bottom of a mysterious and menacing dungeon. Using the bombs you found upon your awakening, you'll need to blast yourself through the air, avoiding traps and puzzling your way through explosion physics to find the exit of each room you come upon. Can you escape the tower and find the light of day?

Bomb Jumper began as a submission from Brenden and I for a 24-hour game jam in September of 2016, run by the Video Game Development Club at the U of M. The jam's theme was "You're doing it wrong" - so we thought, what if you used bombs to throw yourself around instead of to actually blow things up? After the jam, we decided to continue work on it, which is where Sam came in - we took him onto the project to make music. We released our game online on December 14th, 2016, on a Google site I had made for the purpose of hosting the game. If you're interested, you can still find the old site here!

Bomb Jumper was the first full game I had ever actually made, so it was a huge learning experience! I had never done any programming before I came to the U of M in September 2016, the same month I started Bomb Jumper, and I had never used GameMaker before, either - the engine the game was made in. But I made good use of that engine's visual scripting system, puzzled my way through Brenden's GML scripts, and figured out how to draw and animate some simple pixel art, all new stuff for me. That said, of course the game has flaws - I can see how far my understanding of level design has come since making it, for instance - but I'm also quite proud of it as an accomplishment. Bomb Jumper is what gave me the experience and confidence to continue making games. Maybe someday I’ll remaster it…