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The Rise and Fall of Ella V

The Rise and Fall of Ella V is a video game about being an inter-dimensional elevator operator.

Fast Facts

  • Title: The Rise and Fall of Ella V
  • Project Timeline: October 2017 - December 2017
  • Made for: VGDC Semester Project
  • Tech: Godot Engine
  • Platform: PC, Mac, Linux
  • My role: Programming Team Member
  • With: Video Game Development Club at UMN

INTER-DIMENSIONAL Elevator-Operating Action

Ella V is an elevator operator at her first day on the job. Unfortunately, nobody told her the elevator doesn't go between the floors of a building - it connects lobbies in different dimensions! As Ella V, it's your duty to escort your clientele back to their home dimensions one-by-one, quickly, before they get angry and storm away. More dimensions get added onto your elevator routine all the time, so you'll have to be speedy to keep up as your job gets harder and harder. How long can you last as an elevator operator?

During production, I helped design the elevator's movement system, dimension and passenger generation, and the timer system for passengers. I actually originally pitched the idea to the club, and it was very fun to come up with something that suited the design of VGDC - a short and sweet game loop with simple, easy-to-make, infinitely-creative content for the artists and audio designers to produce. It flexed the club's strengths by giving us something very easy to make a minimum viable product for, but that was infinitely extensible as long as we had time to extend it.