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RadWave is an independent video game about a radio wave bouncing around a neon-synth universe.

HUNT/ED Trap Slash


  • Title: HUNT/ED

  • Project Timeline: 1/17/18 - 1/24/19

  • Making for: Fun, Experience, and Profit!

  • Tech: Unity Engine

  • Platform: iOS, Android

  • My role: Programming, Sound Design, Game Design, and Twitter Campaigning

  • With: Rodelliza Hao and Jordan Hamann


Are you ready for a game of survival?

HUNT/ED is a two-player thriller where one player tries to escape the other, hunting them down from the shadows. As the hunter, place traps for your victim to stumble into, stalk them, and cut them down before they can escape. As the victim, make your way through a map filled with hidden traps, collect items to help you overcome the traps you encounter, and find a secret phone so you can call the police to rescue you. Will you be a hunter? Or will you be hunted?

This game is currently nearing the end of production! The original idea for HUNT/ED came about when Jordan, Rode and I tested out a paper prototype version of the game at an event during Glitch's Immersion program, which all three of us participated in during winter 2018. We got some very positive impressions from our fellow cohorts, and we figured the game would work well as a mobile app. So we met to discuss moving forward with it! Jordan and Rode assigned themselves to artwork, and I took on the mantles of programming and sound design (which I've always wanted to try). Since then, we've been through many prototype iterations and started a social media campaign on Twitter to update the world as we go forward! I'm very excited about the game's potential, and if you are too, make sure to give us a follow on Twitter or check us out at PLAY/TEST! :)