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RadWave is an independent video game about a radio wave bouncing around a neon-synth universe.


  • Title: RadWave

  • Project Timeline: 1/26/18 - 1/28/18

  • Made for: Global Game Jam 2018

  • Tech: Unity Engine

  • Platform: PC, Mac, and Linux

  • My role: Programming and Game Design

  • With: Brian Craig and Amber Nelson

The year is 198x...

And you are a radio wave, carrying the bodacious tunes of modern America, sent into space in the hopes that somehow, somewhere, you'll find extraterrestrial life to share your jams with. Zip ahead, create musical color, and bounce around asteroid fields as you search for aliens out in the vast, neon-soaked universe.

RadWave was a super fun game to work on. I came up with the original idea, and managed to convince Brian and Amber to work with me. We based our game off of the global theme of GGJ '18, Transmission, our local modifier at the Gamecraft site, Intergalactic, and one optional global modifier, Stranger Things (make your game inspired by 80's pop music). And I'm quite proud of how it turned out! My goal going in was to take something very small, like a single mechanic, and polish everything around it as much as possible in the weekend we were given - and I believe it shows in the final product. It's dorky, pretty, and an interesting challenge to play. I couldn't be much happier with this one.