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Space Junk

Space Junk is a co-op indie video game about building a rocket out of garbage, and flying it to the moon.

Fast Facts

  • Title: Space Junk

  • Project Timeline: 1/12/16 - 1/14/16

  • Made for: Glitch Immersion Capstone Project

  • Tech: Unity Engine

  • Platform: PC, Mac

  • My role: Programming

  • With: Bobby Brace, Jessica Dungca, Jordan Hamann, and Erica Lee

We are all trash held together by friendship

In Space Junk, you and a friend play as enterprising raccoon astronauts with one goal in mind: to have a picnic on the moon. Gather garbage together together to bring to the spacecraft assembly pad, then fly your hunk o' junk rocket into orbit, past the Earth's atmosphere, and to the moon itself.

For this project, I worked as a programmer, mainly focusing on getting the trash-gathering segment at the beginning working. We were essentially making two games - the junk-collecting one, and a side-scrolling shooter in space. That meant we needed two sets of art, two sets of mechanics, and two very differently-programmed segments to realize our goal. We managed by rolling back some of our original ideas, like customizable spaceships and a multi-screen junk collecting level, and distilling the game to its essence - and we still barely got the game through in the time limit, but we did it! This was my first ever time working in the Unity engine, so I essentially learned it on the fly as I went along; but overcoming that barrier got me excited to make more games in Unity.